Jocelyn Thomas

Dental Assistant

One summer day back in 2020, I was working as a waitress, and Dr. Angela Lueck was one of my customers. She noticed my multitasking skills and pleasant demeanor and asked if I might be willing to change career paths and work in a dental office. I dropped off my resume the following week, was hired, and have been working at Riverwalk Dentistry ever since.

Growing up, I remember having "buck teeth" and an unattractive smile, but recently I had braces and my smile has been transformed and I've noticed a dramatic boost in my self-confidence. It has been a privilege to be a part of a team that positively impacts the confidence of our patients in a similar way. 

Being a team member of Riverwalk Dentistry and working alongside such astounding women has opened my eyes to a new passion and career path. I am determined to play a role in helping people with their oral health and have enrolled in classes at Milwaukee Area Technical College to become a future hygienist.

Outside of work I enjoy time with family, cooking, hiking, music, makeup and traveling to new places.