New Patients

The Initial Appointment

At the first appointment, your dentist will thoroughly examine all areas of your mouth including the teeth, soft tissues and supporting structures.

You will see the hygienist at this appointment. Our hygienists are licensed professionals, dedicated to preserving your natural dentition. You will be exposed to the latest information and techniques for controlling dental disease. Your home care will be evaluated and improvements may be suggested.

Our hygienist will also record your complete medical and dental history and take whatever x-rays are deemed necessary by the dentist's examination.

The initial appointment is clearly one of the most valuable services we offer our patients.

Dental Evaluation and Plan for Treatment

After the initial appointment, you will receive an evaluation. Immediate needs as well as long-term objectives will be outlined and alternatives will be presented.

Our recommendations will be based on what is required to retain your teeth for a lifetime. An estimate of the approximate cost of treatment will also be made.

You are strongly encouraged to ask any questions you have concerning your dental care. We believe that successful treatment is always based on mutual understanding. Moreover, if at any time you have questions about the fees for dental care, please ask. We want to make this experience as comfortable and affordable as possible.

The Recall Visit

As stated previously, preventive dentistry is the best dentistry, but it is a shared commitment. Therefore, we will make a recall appointment for you at your regular check-up. These appointments are designed to prevent little problems from becoming large and expensive problems.

Time and Scheduling

An effort will be made to perform the optimum dentistry in as few, well-planned appointments as possible. We know that your time is important to you as it is to us.

In this regard, please be on time for your appointment. If appointments need to be changed, please let us know as far in advance as possible. 24 hours would be appreciated. Emergency treatment will be rendered promptly.

We Provide Dental Care to the Entire Family



Quick Tip of the Week

Regular, preventative care is an affordable choice.  Don't wait until it hurts.