Kate Laitinen

Lab Technician

Kate Laitinen is a relative newcomer to the field of dentistry, but has a long history of providing quality and excellence in her career.  As a former high-end cake and pastry artist, Kate decided to take her attention to detail, passion for perfection, and genuine love of creating things with her own hands to college and learn a new trade.  She graduated with honors as the top student in her class from the Dental Laboratory Technician program at Milwaukee Area Technical College.  Kate regularly commits to continuing education through many avenues including lectures, classes, technical forums, expositions, tutorials, volunteering, and group information sharing with veterans in the industry from around the globe.  It is a professional goal to become certified when she becomes eligible to take the CDT exam in 2020.

Kate came to Riverwalk Dentistry in April of 2016, and thoroughly enjoys and appreciates the opportunity to work with two of Milwaukee's finest dentists, as well Riverwalk's top-notch hygienists and assistants.  

Kate lives in Wauwatosa with her husband and son, enjoys spending time with friends and family, music, reading, gardening, gaming, and culinary exploration.